Winston Cowie’s debut novel - New Zealand Wars historical fiction : ‘A Flame Flickers in the Darkness’

First time author Winston Cowie’s novel, ‘A Flame Flickers in the Darkness’ is now available at Whitcoulls and other stores. The historical fiction epic spans the key events of the New Zealand Wars of the 1860s and brings to life some of the fascinating people and events that occurred in New Zealand during this time.
Twenty-nine-year old Cowie’s debut novel follows the adventures of two key protagonists; Whero, a young Maori warrior attempting to complete the Greenstone Trail, a rite of passage that will determine his path in life and Jack O’Malley, a young Irish seaman and first mate of the whaling ship, The Flying Scotsman. After a strained start, the two become firm friends although when New Zealand deteriorates into a war brought on by the Colonial Government’s lust for the fertile Maori land at the centre of the North Island, the two are asked to question where it is that their true loyalties lie.
The novel is a synergy of adventure, history, joy and heartbreak, love and war, all set during the New Zealand Wars or Maori Wars period.

“The story is a ripping yarn which is hard to put down.”  South Taranaki Star
“Cowie captures the manners, customs and language of the era skillfully, and importantly, establishes the essential nature of the conflict…..A number of real historical figures appear in the narrative, both Maori leaders and European military men, and it is fascinating to have them fleshed out into actual people….” Peter Maxwell, Historian & Author
“First-time author Winston Cowie’s book.… meticulously researched and he combines an impressive amount of detail with a wonderful story.                North Taranaki Midweek
Cowie’s book is a large and impressive work that makes a worthwhile contribution to our understanding of colonial New Zealand’s troubled history.” Peter Maxwell, Historian & Author
A lawyer, marine scientist and rugby player, the story of writing Cowie’s novel is interesting in its own right; a six year odyssey that took him from a 24-foot mullet boat in Auckland Harbour, New Zealand, to studying at Oxford University, United Kingdom, to working in London, to living in the hot and arid State of Qatar, in the Middle East.

The novel was launched earlier this year via New Plymouth based PublishMe, and is distributed by both the author and South Pacific Books. It is now available at:

·       Whitcoulls stores;
·       The Village Bookshop, Matakana;
·       Benny’s Books, New Plymouth;
·       Fishpond New Zealand (Online); and
·       PublishMe Online Bookstore.

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