Le Corbusier's "The poem of the right angle" on view at Architekturmuseum in Munich

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Le Corbusier, The poem of the right angle, B.4 Mind, Poem of the Right Angle, 1955, p. 69© FLC/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2012.

MUNICH.- In the course of seven years, from 1947 to 1953, Le Corbusier produced a succession of lithographs that can be regarded as an artistic realization of his conception of the world and at the same time as a kind of self portrait. Although the work is thus given utmost importance, it received relatively little attention for a long time, as the artist Corbusier was not met with as much interest as the famous architect. Only recent research has decoded and interpreted the cosmos of imagery and thoughts, stipulated in the architectural poem. ›Le poème de l’angle droit‹ (The poem of the right angle) consists of a long hand-written text and drawings, which are linked in a way that they explain each other and merge into a complex statement. The text is divided into seven stanzas which correspond with 19 coloured lithographs. According to Le Corbusier these lithographs should be arranged axisymmetrically in seven rows in the form of a multi-chain cross above each ... More