Author of the ‘Telesa Trilogy’ is signing her new book

Fans of the novel ‘Telesa’ will have a chance to meet the lauded author at a book signing event this Saturday June 30.  ‘When Water Burns’ is the second book in the Telesa Trilogy by Samoan author Lani Wendt Young and she will be on site at the Otara Market in Auckland to sign the latest instalment.

The first book Telesa: The Covenant Keeper, the first of its kind to come out of the Pacific, debuted on Amazon.com in October 2011 and by December it was number one on the Top Rated Fantasy Romance List. Since then it has featured on the bestseller lists for Mythology and Fantasy Romance. It is available as both an electronic book and a print book.

The young adult fantasy series follows the story of Leila – a young woman who returns to Samoa in search of family and wanting to learn more about her mother’s heritage.  Instead she discovers that local mythology about ‘teine Sa’ is more than just scary stories and she is in fact heir to a fiery ancestry. The author has reinterpreted Samoan legends of ‘spirit women’ so they are contemporary elementals that wield the powers of nature. The love interest, a rugby-playing tattooed ‘Chunk-Hunk’ called Daniel – has stolen the show (and the hearts) for most readers who are flooding social media network sites with avid discussion about why they are “Team Daniel”.

The response from readers globally has been phenomenal. Pacific communities worldwide have embraced this story and its characters and Western readers are falling in love with Samoa via this book. American book reviewer at ‘Beckoned By Books’, Sherre Leach, writes – “Not since Twilight have I felt this way after reading a book. Just as I have this feeling that I MUST visit Forks, Washington, I now MUST go to Samoa. There’s so much culture, legend and myth. This is a book you can read over and over and never tire of.”

"What started out as a cult interest fan base has spread," says Lani (right). "It's one of those things that seems to be having a massive crossover appeal. Young people are falling in love with the characters and it's a guilty pleasure for the not-so-young as well."

Lani published the Trilogy herself after her manuscript was rejected by more than thirty book agents and publishers. Since the release of the first book there have been launch events held throughout New Zealand, Samoa and also in Brisbane, Australia.

Lani now balances work on the next book in the trilogy with guest appearances at schools and libraries where she talks to young people about the importance of education, nurturing a passion for reading and having the courage and determination to pursue one’s dreams.

Maybe you’re not meant to manipulate fire the way I do. Maybe sparks are all you’re ever going to make.” He snarled, “Or maybe you just need to be a better teacher and give me more.” Before I could reply, he grabbed my hand, twisted and pulled me into a restraining lock. Body pressed against my back, he held me in a chokehold. I struggled. Kicked.Fought. Pain knifed me as I tried to free myself. He spoke and his breath was hot in my ear. “Now, fire goddess let’s see if I can make more than sparks.” Rising panic choked me, with it came rage. And with rage, came fire. Keahi felt it. He laughed as I strained against him. As together we both burst into flame...
With Nafanua and the Covenant Sisterhood dead, Leila and Daniel are finally able to love without fear of retribution. Or are they? As a malicious telesa plots her revenge, a mysterious stranger arrives on the island. Fuelled by hate and running from a fiery past, he looks to Leila for answers and she must fight to contain the fury of fanua-afi while trying to protect all those she loves. It seems that this is a battle she must wage alone, for Daniel’s ocean birthright cannot be denied and he refuses to walk beside her. Are Leila and Daniel destined to be forever divided by the elements? When it comes to Water and Fire, daughter of earth and son of the ocean – who will endure? When water burns?

Book signing will be held at Otara Flea Market (Shop Samoa Stall - outside the recreation centre) on Saturday June 30 2012 from 10am-12pm. There will be live entertainment provided by the Keila Records crew, DJ Meex, Te Ariki Vaine dance group, Tatau dance group, Miss Samoa NZ and our MC Yolande Ah Chong. Fans will have the opportunity to also meet the Telesa cover models, Ezra Taylor and Faith Wulf who will be assisting with the book event.

Buy a copy of When Water Burns & Telesa: The Covenant Keeper at a special price of $30.00 each or both for $49.00 at the book signing only.

‘When Water Burns’ will also be available for sale online via www.shopsamoa.co.nz
FREE shipping NZ Wide.

Rasmus Pereira