How do I do it - writing, that is?

Dunedin-based writerTania Roxborogh tells all.........

If you look at the photos of writers - the official ones - they are usually in front of a laden book case (some tidy, some messy) and/or looking meaningfully into the camera or just off to the side or they are at their desk in front of their computer/typewriter/notebook.

Many writers talk about their routine which, in all its varieties, still means solid hours with bum on seat doing the business of writing. These are the lucky writers - mostly non New Zealand writers - who earn enough money from their writing to have it has their JOB.

They are the ones I envy. Not because they earn enough from their writing to make it their sole occupation (although, that might be nice if I didn't love teaching so much) but that they have so much TIME.

I shouldn't moan. I get the weekends and school holidays although having a family often eats large chunks of that time (yesterday being a prime example for me: planned to do shopping for senior ball and then hair-do for teenager in the morning; writing all afternoon. What happened was teenager slept in; Hair appointment was a disaster. Cue tears and frustration and a reinjuring of her broken ankle and, well, there went the rest of the day. Mummy hat staying on firmly while my characters mumbled and complained under the writer hat stuffed down beside my bed.

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