The Great Little Book of Afformations Review

I know I have written about Noah St. John before and about his Book "The Great Little Book of Afformations." However, I don't believe I have given the book a formal review. The book has impacted my life so much I decided a review is in order. As I have written before I was first introduced to Noah St. John through his book "The Great Little Book of Afformations." The book made such dramatic changes in the way I think that I have been a fan ever since. "The Great Little Book of Afformations" is about learning to afform rather than affirm. What is afform? In a nutshell, it is asking yourself powerful questions. By doing this your mind begins to search for the answer. It is very refreshing to afform rather than affirm. When you make affirmations, as Noah's book points out, you don't necessarily believe them, most of the time. An example would be to affirm that you are thin when in reality you believe you are fat. By afforming instead of affirming, your mind can come up with numerous answers to questions, many of them being positive. Afforming releases resistance because you are now asking questions and searching for answers, rather than frustrating yourself with thoughts you do not believe. I would fully recommend Noah St. John's book "The Great Little Book of Afformations" to anyone trying to improve their lives. The book will open your mind to a new way of thinking as well as give you a fresh perspective on life.