Three new military titles from John Douglas Publishing

Keeping the Peace, by Greg Allnutt

It has been said that soldiers aren’t designed
for peace keeping, but they are the only ones
that are equipped do it. Interestingly, the term
peace keeping has come to cover such a wide
range of scenarios, in the spectrum of conflict.
It is also a very politically acceptable term that
allows the New Zealand government to meet
its international security obligations while still
maintaining public support, yet some roles are
not peace keeping.
This timely publication has many coloured
photographs and its writing gives an
interesting insight of what today’s modern
New Zealand soldier is involved in in the
service of his country in Angola, Bougainville,
Kuwait, East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Publication Date: 8 November 2012
RRP: $75.00
Size: 160mm x 240mm
Extent: 284 Pages
Binding: Cased Bound and
Dust Jacketed
ISBN: 978-0-9876665-6-7

Bunty Preece, Soldier of 28(Maori) Battalion, by Tom O’Connor

This is the story of Alfred (Bunty) Preece of
the Chatham Islands, soldier, farmer, local body
politician, kaumatua and tireless advocate for
his people.
His recollections of the Italian Campaign of
World War Two and the effect of those two-anda-
half years were but the beginning of a lifetime of
dedication to the welfare of others. It is written in
the sincere hope that it will one day form part of the
full history of D Company 28 (Maori) Battalion.
This book is moving and inspirational. It is not a
story about the glories of war – that is a romantic
illusion of those who have never been to war, never
been fired on or had to fire on others in the front
lines. It is a story of personal sacrifice and bravery
almost beyond description. It is also a story of the
Maori people trying to achieve.
This title has a full nominal roll of members
of D Company, and has been translated
into Maori.

Publication Date: December 2012
RRP: $69.99
Size: 160mm x 240mm
Extent: 232 Pages
Binding: Cased Bound and
Dust Jacketed
ISBN: 978-0-9876665-4-3

The Official History of: The 28(Maori) Battalion, by J.F Cody

John Douglas Publishing is delighted to be able to produce this work with kind permission from Manatü Taonga Ministry for Culture & Heritage and the 28 Maori
Battalion Association. This is the official history of one of the greatest fighting infantry units of World War II, the 28(Maori) Battalion. We have done everything possible to
ensure the book is as close to the original, printed in 1956.
As Lieutenant-General Bernard Freyberg wrote in the Foreword to the book:
“In this history you will read the whole story – how they went overseas from New Zealand in 1940, with the Second Echelon to England, to take part in ‘The Battle of Britain’. When the threat of invasion diminished they re-embarked for the Middle East, and arrived in time to take part in the disastrous campaigns in Greece and Crete.                    

Later they fought in the 1941 Libyan Campaign and in the battles in 1942 in defence
of Egypt. Later, when the tide changed, they took an active part in the victorious
Western Desert Campaign, under Generals Alexander and Montgomery. They
finished the war in Italy on the 2nd May 1945.
“In all these many campaigns this Battalion took a great part, often a decisive part,
in the fighting, as in the counter-attacks at Maleme and 42nd Street in the Cretan
Campaign, or again in the Battle of Tebaga Gap, where gallant and young Ngarimu
gained his posthumous Victoria Cross, or in the capture of Takrouna. But as glorious
as these battles were, and as gallant and brave as was the Maori part, it is not only of
their bravery but what fine fighting men they were.
“To know and appreciate their great qualities you must understand their background
and their tribal traditions. Maori are a fighting race, and according to their traditions
and in keeping with the laws of New Zealand, they did not come under the National
Service Act, which called up men when they reached the military age. The Maori was
always a volunteer. For them it was an honour to serve.”

Publication Date: late November 2012
RRP: $64.99
Size: 135mm x 212mm
Extent: 515 Pages plus
32 maps & 60 photos
Binding: Cased Bound and
Dust Jacketed
ISBN: 978-0-9876675-1-9