Christmas Cards: Little Blessings in My Mailbox, and a Giveaway for YOU!

Sending and receiving Christmas cards is one of my favorite holiday traditions. So I'm super excited to announce that I have partnered with a Mystery Guest Artist who has offered some of her lovely Christmas postcards for my DECEMBER GIVEAWAY! Make sure you check back here tomorrow, when I'll reveal my Mystery Guest and the Giveaway details!
sourcce: Wikimedia Commons
Do you still send out Christmas cards? With the cost of postage constantly rising, as well as e-cards becoming more popular, I've wondered how long the tradition of sending and receiving Christmas cards will hold out. Each greeting - a reminder of friends and family near and far - is like a little Christmas blessing that shows up in my mailbox, and eventually goes on display somewhere in my home.
Who delivers the cards?  Why the Jolly Postman of course! Read all about this fun Christmas book for children here, on my past post (you'll also find some Christmas-card-making-activities)...

This clever idea of wrapping gifts to look like postal packages for your kids - which I found on Pinterest - reminded me of a unique Christmas book by J.R.R. Tolkien...
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Letters from Father Christmas is a compilation of letters received by Tolkien's children every December from 1920 - 1943. Tolkien, as Father Christmas, wrote the letters, which were accompanied by humorous illustrations (also drawn by Tolkien). Read more...

When I saw these cute vintage postcard-inspired Christmas plates from Williams-Sonoma, I was reminded of another wonderful Christmas picture book ...
Aunt Olga's Christmas Postcards, by Kevin Major, which was one of my favorite Christmas book finds last year, even comes with a vintage postcard for your child!

Aunt Olga (who happens to be 95-years-young) takes advantage of a holiday visit from her favorite niece, Anna, to share her antique postcard collection and the memories that come with it - she received her first card from her brother when he was a soldier during World War I.  All decked out in red, Aunt Olga is ready for fun as she teaches Anna how to write her very own Christmas rhymes.  We, as readers, get to delight in Aunt Olga's collection too!  Written with warmth and slightly quirky humor, this unique story shows how sweet and loving a relationship can be between a youngster and an oldster.

I hope you go out and get some of these whimsical holiday books this December - you can find more recommendations here, on my Christmas Book Resource Page.  Did I miss any of your favorites? Remember to stop by my blog tomorrow and read about my Mystery Guest and her lovely artwork for my GIVEAWAY on December 1st!