Report from two of my favourite NY bookstores following storm

From Shelf Awareness:

Three Lives & Co. in Greenwich Village was undamaged by the storm. Owner Toby Cox wrote: "I rode my bike in on Tuesday afternoon after the East River bridges were reopened to find the shop just as we left it on Sunday evening. It was a tough week, though, as the neighborhood essentially emptied out as folks fled uptown or to the boroughs in search of heat and hot water and a recharged cellphone. We opened every day from about 11 a.m.-4 p.m. to give folks a place to wander to and share stories but there were very few people out and about. I was not surprised we did almost no business but was surprised by just how quiet it was."
On Saturday, after power was restored, Three Lives & Co. reopened but closed early "to allow my employees to navigate a still seriously compromised subway system."

McNally Jackson also reopened, noting in an e-mail that "with power finally restored, the two pre-conditions for book-reading--what we like to think of as the big L's, Light and Literacy--can finally be met. So come on down, our bulbs are burnin' and our doors are open."
The event schedule is returning to normal today and one cancelled event has been "salvaged." Joan Wickersham, author of The News from Spain, who was going to appear last Thursday, is now joining A.M. Homes, author of May We Be Forgiven, for a reading and discussion on Wednesday, November 14.

The photos are not current shots, taken from my picture file.
I am delighted these two stores have escaped largely unscathed. I was buying books in both last month.