Beautiful story gives readers young and old a new perspective on blindness

Unlike her brothers and sisters, Anthea cannot see, so when they all go to the beach one day, their mother tells them to take care of her.
While they are all playing on the sand, a thick fog rolls in from the ocean. Suddenly it's up to Anthea to get everyone home safely.

Written by the legendary Margaret Mahy and with artwork by master illustrator Gavin Bishop, this is a beautifully told story that will give readers young and old a new perspective on blindness. Very special, and of course one of the last books Margaret wrote.
Puffin - $19.99

Margaret Mahy and Gavin Bishop have both donated their royalties for this project to the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind.

Braille, large print and audio versions of the book have been produced for RNZFB members and are available through the RNZFB library.