White Fungus Publishes the Subconscious Restaurant

The Subconscious Restaurant is a new publication by White Fungus. The title comes from the name of an actual restaurant White Fungus founders Ron Hanson and Mark Hanson frequent in Taipei. Commissioned by the Physics Room - to accompany a 2012 event series introducing the work of the Taipei sound / light installation artist Wang Fujui to New Zealand - the publication features histories of Taiwanese and New Zealand electronic music, by Jeph Lo and Bruce Russell respectively. It also includes an article about Wang Fujui, an interview with the dancer Zahra Killeen-Chance, artistic statement for the Korean artist Samin Son's toothpaste action series, a treatise on “contemporary values” by Hamish Win, and a new comic by Tim Bollinger.  

You can purchase a copy of the Subconscious Restaurant here. Review copies are available on request.