The Cry of a Morepork launched

On Sunday 9th December, Anne Hayden and Leonie Hayden were pleased to launch their self-published bookThe Cry of a Morepork. 
The Cry of a Morepork is a collection of the writings of Evelyn Parkes, Anne and Leonie's mother and grandmother, respectively.  She was an avid writer of letters, essays and short observational pieces that she submitted to newspapers and farming periodicals, including the Exporter, the Straight Furrow and the New Zealand Herald between the 1950s and '70s. 
She would paste her published clippings into a special exercise book, known in the Hayden household as 'Nana's book'. 
Now, 12 years after Evelyn's death, those wonderfully funny, touching and honest pieces, about everything from farming to women's rights, are available for all to appreciate.

The event was held at The Depot art gallery in Devonport, a beautiful space run by local artists that is used as a gallery, a gig venue, a recording studio and a community centre. Anne spoke about her mother's life and her dedication to writing but relative obscurity, and Leonie read three excerpts from the book.

Below - Leonie (reading) and her mother.

signing copies.