Crash and Clash, now out in e-book from HarperCollins, will be released in paperback December 18; trilogy conclusion Crush will be published in simultaneously in print and e-book next April.

Spokane, Washington-based writer Nicole Williams (right) already had four self-published e-books to her credit before launching her YA romance trilogy Crash earlier this year. The first two novels, titled Crash and Clash, sold a combined total of more than 85,000 digital copies. Now HarperCollins has scooped up the books, which it rereleased digitally November 20, as part of a three-book deal. The titles are the first in the children’s division to be categorized as appropriate for ages 16 and up. (Typically, HarperCollins and HarperTeen books are categorized as no older than 14 and up.)
The “steamy teen romance,” as HarperCollins calls the series, delves into the intense relationship between Lucy, the new girl in town, and Jude, the local bad boy. Their all-consuming affair continues after high school, and though they attend different universities, the intensity increases both emotionally and physically as the story unfolds.
HarperCollins released its own e-book editions of Crash and Clash November 20; paperback editions go on sale December 18. Crush, the conclusion to the trilogy, will be published simultaneously in paperback and as an e-book on April 23.