By Paula Ahlsen Soeder - New Holland $40.00

Found this at Dear Reader, the quite splendid indie bookstore in Auckland's Grey Lynn yesterday and it proves to have  fresh, exciting ideas on how to cook/present salmon at home. We probably eat salmon about once a week and these 70 recipes, include appetizers, salads, light lunches and impressive main courses, are giving me many fresh ideas on how to present it. 

Balanced between everyday easy and dishes there are recipes to suit various occasions, from speedy mid-week suppers to spectacular dinner party feasts. A chapter on basic cooking techniques gives a good foundation for one's own experiments. 

Tonight I am making a salmon salad with sardines as I need something that can be put together quickly as I will be late to the kitchen. In fact I think I will put it together before I go out then when I get home from the Christmas party I can just pull it out of the fridge. The author says it will take me 15 minutes to assemble but I always double the time that professionals suggest!
I have a lot of cookbooks but this one I can see quickly becoming a favourite especially through the summer.

About the author:
Paula Ahlsen Soeder, along with Susanne Hallmann, has previously published The Dream of a Greenhouse, which was named Best Kitchen Garden Book by the Swedish Meal Academy.