Five Dials # 26

Longtime subscribers will notice that some issues of Five Dials are short, often as short as they need to be. If you've got an essay by Orhan Pamuk, why surround it with padding? But then sometimes we put together larger issues: 30 pages, 40 pages, 43 pages. We're happy to tell you two things in this email. First, we are sending this message to you from a disused post office on Skalitzer Strasse in Berlin on a chilly December night, surrounded by an eager crowd. (It goes without saying we wish you were here.) Second, this is our largest ever issue. It may take you all December to read the thing. If you print it up at work on the sly, make sure the printer is well-stocked. This issue is longer than Breakfast at Tiffany's, longer than Jesus's Son. It runs to a whopping 63 pages. Five Dials is the accordion of literary magazines. We're at full bellows with number 26.
Download the issue now. You'll notice it's full of German writers but, as always, there are surprises dotted throughout. There are illustrations by the talented Berlin-based artist Sophia Martineck. There is a questionnaire. Please fill it in and send it to the Strand. 
The issue, as per usual, was finished at the last moment. Our designer laid out pages on a TGV to Paris this morning. We thank him. We thank you. Now start reading. The music is getting pretty loud in here.