Three reviews of recent fiction

Reviews from We Love This Book

by Zadie Smith
In NW, Zadie Smith invites her reader to peer through windows, allowing you to gaze at sequences of moments in the lives of a range of characters.
Against the vividly drawn backdrop of north-west London we watch four characters – Natalie, Leah, Felix and Nathan – living alongside each other, growing up together, their lives colliding and paths crossing. They were raised on the same council estate, and although their fates disperse in differing directions, their journeys continue to intersect through their past and present. NW is concentrated and accomplished, but isn’t always an easy read: at times the narrative feels slightly disjointed. However, this is a rich and vibrant novel which seems like an observation of the real life stories of people we might know.

by James Meek
Ritchie and Bec Shepherd grew up under the shadow of their father’s execution. Ritchie is now a successful television personality; Bec a biologist engaging with the most microscopic, hidden elements of life. As scandal and conspiracy cross over with potentially life-changing science, the Shepherds must confront past, present and future all at once. Set slightly in the future, Meek's sinister media underworld hits on the zeitgeist perfectly. Though the narrative borders on knowing, the characterisation is affectionate and the story gripping and rewarding. 

by Rose Tremain
Rose Tremain’s dazzling and brilliant writing never fails to impress. We once again meet the charismatic Sir Robert Merivel, physician to Charles II, in this welcome sequel to her acclaimed 1989 novel Restoration. Now middle-aged, Merivel has many adventures away from his beloved estate in Norfolk, falling in love with the mysterious Louise de Flamanville who is trapped in a loveless marriage. As well as exploring the sensitive side of Merivel’s character we share his intimate thoughts which are often very funny. This is a truly beautiful book.