The Bookman's Cup Runneth Over - a feast of fine cookbooks

In the past week or so week I have received no fewer than seven very special, totally edible cookbooks.
My joy knows no bounds of course but my problem is going to be finding the time to devour them all and then to cook from them.Over the next couple of weeks I hope to review them and share with you a few recipes. Meantime they are, note some are yet to be published, I am privileged to have an advance copy in some cases:

JERUSALEM - Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi - Ebury Press - $64.99

PETER GORDON EVERYDAY- Harper Collins NZ - $49.99

SIMPLE PLEASURES - The Free Range Cook- Annbel Langbein  - $59.95- 

LA CIGALE - Elizabeth Lind - Random House NZ - $55

RIVERSTONE KITCHEN: SIMPLE - Bevan Smith - Harper Collins NZ - $44.99 (November)

A LIFE AT MUDBRICK -Robyn Jones - Random House NZ - $55

MADE IN SICILY - Giorgio Locatelli - 4th Estate - $69.99

There will be more about each of them individually here on the blog as I read them.