Kapka Kassabova writes re author copyright initiative

I'm writing to let you know of a new authors' statement that's just been released, in the wake of the Edinburgh Writers' Conference that took place last month, during the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Some of the Conference writers got together informally and as a result of the discussion, we've put together a statement that we hope will be taken up by other writers' festivals and associations around the world, as the Conference travels to 12 other countries in the coming year.

Here is the link to the official website for the conference. You will see that a German authors' statement on copyright - 'We are the author' (now well known in Germany) - has been translated for the first time into English and included in our statement. 

You can see, at the bottom, the writers who have signed up so far, but we are hoping to collect lots more names. Press is beginning to gather around this - for instance on the German portal http://www.boersenblatt.net/547902/?t=newsletter-  and one of the writer, Janne Teller, is trying to get the Danish writers' association to take it up.