Fifty Shades of Grey author: I'm not such a pervert

Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James on sex, sequels and the time her husband bought her a tin opener as a romantic Christmas present.

Fifty Shades of Grey author: I'm not such a pervert

'Fifty Shades Of Grey: The Classical Album' Launch - An Evening With E.L. James Photo: GETTY

She spoke to Mark Ellen about the books, the forthcoming film and choosing "music to f--- to".

How did the classical music album come about?
I write to music all the time. I have music playing in my headphones and I have a huge playlist for writing. I have various songs for various things and some of them made it into the books.
The main protagonist, Christian Grey, likes classical music. He plays piano and that saves him very early on in his life. He's a talented but not particularly gifted pianist.

Why does classical music suit his character? Christian is a very cold and controlling individual...
I would say he’s controlling, I wouldn’t say he’s particularly cold. He warms up a bit. And it’s just one of his escapes. He’s a very lonely guy. He’s pretty f----- up.

Have you ever met anyone like him?
Oh, I wish!

In what way?
I think you can imagine.

What dimension does classical music bring to the book? Why did you choose classical?
Because I’m listening to it all the time. It's music to f--- to. We all want that.

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