Saturday Morning with Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand National: 11 August 2012

8:15 Carol Morley: dreams of a life
8:45 Trevor Richards: 100 years of the ANC
9:05 Richard Bean: updating comedy
9:40 Betty Gilderdale: life with children
10:05 Playing Favourites with Brian Turner
11:05 Neil Gershenfeld: digital fabrication
11:45 Children’s Books with Kate De Goldi


8:15 Carol Morley
British filmmaker Carol Morley came to prominence with her quasi-autobiographical 2000 film The Alcohol Years. Her latest film, Dreams of a Life, about a woman whose body lay undiscovered in a London bedsit for three years, is currently screening at the New Zealand Film Festival in Wellington (11 August) and Christchurch (15 and 16 August).

8:45 Trevor Richards
Trevor Richards is a pivotal figure in the history of New Zealand’s fight against apartheid in South Africa. He lives in Paris, but has returned to New Zealand to attend a conference commemorating the centenary of the African National Congress (When Hope and History Rhyme: How New Zealand Helped to End Apartheid, Victoria University, 18-19 August).

9:05 Richard Bean
Richard Bean worked as an occupational psychologist, before becoming a stand-up comedian and playwright. His play, One Man, Two Guvnors, an adaptation of an 18th century Commedia dell'arte comedy by Carlo Goldoni, has been a box-office smash for the National Theatre of Great Britain, both in the West End and on Broadway, and comes to the 2013 Auckland Arts Festival in March.

9:40 Betty Gilderdale
Betty Gilderdale is the author of the Little Yellow Digger children’s books, and the 1982 history, A Sea Change: 145 Years of New Zealand Junior Fiction. Her new book is My Life in Two Halves: a Memoir (Bateman, ISBN: 978-1-86953-832-3).

10:05 Playing Favourites with Brian Turner 
Brian Turner has collected more than 100 poems from over 30 years of writing for his new collection, Elemental: Central Otago Poems (Godwit, ISBN: 978-1-86979-741-6). The poems are accompanied by photographs from the region by Gilbert van Reenan.

11:05 Neil Gershenfeld
Professor Neil Gershenfeld is director of the Center for Bits and Atoms at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is visiting New Zealand for Fab8, the Eighth International Fab Lab Forum and Symposium on Digital Fabrication, hosted by Massey University’s Creative Campus in Wellington on 22-28 August.

11:45 Children’s Books with Kate De Goldi 
New Zealand writer Kate De Goldi is the author of a number of books, including the multi-award winning novel, The 10pm Question. She will discuss three American novels for middle reader to young adult:
Dead End in Norvelt, by Jack Gantos (FSG, ISBN: 978-0-374-37993-3); As Easy as Falling off the Face of the Earth, by Lynne Rae Perkins (Greenwillow Books, ISBN: 978-0-06-187092-7); Liar and Spy, by Rebecca Stead (Text; ISBN: 978-1-921-92294-7).


Producer: Mark Cubey
Wellington engineer: Lianne Smith
Auckland engineer: Jeremy Ansell
Dunedin engineer: Sandy Sullivan

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