Eastbourne's Library & Bookshop dig down the back of the chair to celebrate Margaret Mahy Day together today

Today at 11 am, Eastbourne writers lead by Grandma McGarvey's Jenny Hessell will gather at the local Library to read their favourite Margaret Mahy story as part of the Nationwide Read. After that bewigged librarian Sabine  will lead the children along the street to the nearby bookshop Rona Gallery for more stories and some Mahy-inspired craft.

'It's crazy, we're a small community but it's rare the library and bookshop get together like this,' says organiser Mary McCallum, 'The spirit of the day -- to honour the marvellous Margaret Mahy -- has encouraged us to do just that. We've worked together to get a collection of local writers (both children and adult) reading, and to publicise and organise the event. It should be fun.'

At Rona Gallery from 11.45, children can make Fifi Colston's amazing egg carton treasure chairs (left - photo of their prototype) and hear owner Joanna Ponder read Mahy classics like Down the Back of the Chair. There'll also be bubbles to blow during a reading of Bubble Trouble.

The writers at the library include: Jenny Hessell (Grandma McGarvey), Jill Harris (At the Lake), and Maggie Rainey-Smith (About Turns). 

Mary says, 'We're all very excited to get the Eastbourne community get behind this nationwide celebration of one of NZ's writing heroes.'  Readings are at libraries all over the country at 11 am, and there are some other Mahy events too - check out this blog or the facebook page for details.

Public meeting in Auckland today at 2.30pm to honour Margaret Mahy - details here